Moderated Poster Wine & Cheese

June 5, 2016

16:30  –  17:30

Join us for this NEW event.  Enjoy a glass a wine while Dr. Laurie Morrison,  Dr. Brian Rowe, and Dr. Ian Stiell concurrently moderate sessions highlighting their personal choices for Top Research Abstracts.

Dr. Laurie Morrison's Top 6 Research Abstracts

ID NumberTitlePresenter
Wraparound Care for Youth Injured By Violence: A Randomized Control Trial
Carolyn Snider
Using GRADE-based recommendations for analgesia and antiemetics in electronic order sets to influence physician behaviour towards best practice and cost-savings
Riley Hartmann
Is there an association between the use of cardiac ultrasound and survival outcomes in patients arriving to the emergency department in cardiac arrest? The second Sonography in Hypotension and Cardiac Arrest in the Emergency Department (SHOC-ED 2) Study.
Nicole Beckett
A portrait of rural pre-hospital services in the province of Quebec
Emmanuelle Bourdon
What Ultrasonography Characteristics Predict Surgical Intervention for Children with Testicular Torsion?
Allan Shefrin
Daily encounter cards: evaluating the quality of documented assessments
Warren Cheung

Dr. Brian Rowe's Top 6 Research Abstracts

ID NumberTitle Presenter
Measuring frailty can help Emergency Departments identify seniors at risk of functional decline after minor injuries
Nadine Allain-Boulé
Impact of physician payment mechanism on wait times and ED length of stay
Grant Innes
Exercise Prescription By Canadian Emergency Medicine Physicians
Matt Douglas-Vail
Systematic review of the management of lateral epicondylitis using transdermal nitroglycerin
Miles Hunter
Do real-time Twitter metrics correlate with traditional Emergency Medicine post-conference speaker evaluations?
Sebastian Dewhirst
Contributing Factors and Time Delays in Management of Difficult Airways in the Emergency Department - A Retrospective Analysis
Shannon Fernando

Dr. Ian Stiell's Top 6 Research Abstracts

ID Number
Anticoagulation use in patients with atrial fibrillation/flutter in Canadian emergency departments since the introduction of the novel anticoagulants
Nazanin Meshkat
MP023Reasons for Referral and Hospitalization among Emergency Department Patients with Syncope
Olivia Cook
Ultrasound-guided femoral nerve block versus fascia iliaca block for hip fractures in the emergency department: a randomized pilot study.
Jordan Chenkin
Does your patient really need intravenous therapy? A multicenter variation analysis of physician practice in low-acuity presentations
Eddy Lang
Implementation of an ED atrial fibrillation and flutter pathway improves rates of appropriate anticoagulation in patients not previously on these medications.
David Barbic
MP027Automated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Quality Data Abstraction for Complete Episodes of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation
Ahmed Taher